Flash Unit Status, Flash Precautions



Flash Unit Status

You can find out the current flash unit status by pressing
the shutter release button half way and checking the
monitor screen and red operation lamp.

Red operation lamp*


 indicator is also

shown on the monitor
screen when the flash unit
is ready to fire.


Red operation lamp

It means this:

Flash unit is charging

Flash unit is ready to fire

When the red operation
lamp is this:



Flash Precautions

Take care that your fingers do
not block the flash when you
hold the camera. Covering the
flash with your finger can
greatly reduce its

• You may not be able to achieve the desired results using

a flash if the subject is too close or too far away.

• The flash takes anywhere from a few seconds to as long

as 10 seconds to attain full charge after being fired. The
actual time required depends on the battery level,
temperature, and other conditions.

• The flash does not fire in the Movie mode. This is

indicated by 

 (Flash Off) on the monitor screen.

• The flash unit may not be able to charge when battery

power is low. Low battery power is indicated by 


Off) on the monitor screen, and when the flash fails to fire
properly resulting in poor image exposure. When these
symptoms occur, charge the camera’s battery as soon as

• When the red-eye reduction mode (

) is selected, flash

intensity is adjusted automatically in accordance with the
exposure. The flash may not fire at all when the subject is
brightly lit.