Using the On screen Menus




Use [

] and [

] to change the currently

selected setting, and then press [SET].

• Available Sleep settings are: “30 sec”, “1 min”, “2 min”,

and “Off”.

• Available Auto Power Off settings are: “2 min” and

“5 min”.

• Note that the Sleep feature does not operate in the

PLAY mode.

• Pressing any button while the camera is in the Sleep

state immediately turns the monitor screen back on.

• The Auto Power Off and Sleep features are disabled

in the following cases.

— When the camera is connected to a computer or

some other device through the USB cradle

— While a slideshow is in progress

— While playing back a voice recording file

To configure this feature:

Select this setting:



Auto Power Off

Auto Power Off

See page 39 for information about how to use

Using the On-screen Menus

Pressing [MENU] displays menus on the monitor screen
that you can use to perform various operations. The menu
that appears depends on whether you are in the REC
mode or the PLAY mode. The following shows an example
menu procedure in the REC mode.


Press the power
button or the [


(REC) button.

• If you want to enter the

PLAY mode instead,
press the [

] (PLAY)





Power button