Casio EXILIM EX-Z30, EXILIM EX-Z40 User Guide

Configuring Power Saving Settings



To turn off the camera

Press the power button to turn off the camera.


• You can setup the camera so it does not turn on

when you press the [

] (REC) or [

] (PLAY)

button, or to turn off when you press the [

] (REC)

or [

] (PLAY) button. For details, see “Configuring


] (REC) and [

] (PLAY) Buttons Power On/Off

Functions” on page 133.

Configuring Power Saving Settings

You can configure the settings described below to
conserve battery power.


: Automatically turns off the monitor screen

if no operation is performed for a specified
amount of time in the REC mode.
Performing any button operation causes
the monitor screen to turn back on.

Auto Power Off : Turns off power if you do not perform any

operation for a specified amount of time.


Turn on the camera.


Press [MENU].


Use [

] and [

] to select the “Set Up” tab.


Use [

] and [

] to select the feature whose

setting you want to configure, and then press