Turning the Camera On and Off



Turning the Camera On and Off

To turn on the camera

Press the power button, [

] (REC) button, or [

] (PLAY)

button. This will cause the green operation lamp to light
momentarily, and then power will turn on. The mode the
camera enters depends on which button you pressed to
turn it on.

Press this button to turn on the camera:

Power button or [

] (REC) button


] (PLAY) button

To enter this mode at



Power button

Green operation lamp


] (PLAY)


] (REC)


• Pressing [

] (REC) to turn on the camera enters

the REC mode, while pressing [

] (PLAY) enters

the PLAY mode.

• Pressing [

] (PLAY)  while in the REC mode

switches to the PLAY mode. The lens retracts about
10 seconds after switching modes.


• If camera power is turned off by the Auto Power Off

feature, press the power button, [

] (REC) or [


(PLAY) to turn it back on again.

• Pressing the power button or [

] (REC) to turn on

the camera also causes the lens to extend. Take
care to any interference with the lens operation or
allowing anything to strike the lens when it is