Saving an Album




• When printing an album page, you should set up

your Web browser as described below.
— Select the browser frame where the images are


— Set margins to the lowest possible values.
— Set the background color to a printable color.

• See the user documentation that came with your

Web browser application for details about printing
and configuring settings for printing.

• Album contents (titles, comments, etc.) cannot be

edited on the camera. Use a commercially available
HTML file editor to edit album contents.


After you are finished viewing the album, exit
your Web browser application.

Saving an Album

• To save an album, copy the “DCIM” folder from camera

memory or the memory card to your computer’s hard disk,
a CD-R, an MO disk, or some other storage medium.
Note that copying only the “ALBUM” folder, does not copy
image data and other necessary files.

• After copying the “DCIM” folder, do not change or delete

any of the files inside of it. Adding new images or deleting
existing images may lead to abnormal album display.

• If you plan to use a memory card again after saving its

album, first delete all of its files or format it before loading
it into the camera.

• When you have “WEB” selected for the “Use” setting, the

album shows only the smaller image files stored in the
“ALBUM” folder. Such images can be uploaded to the
Internet more quickly.