Casio EXILIM EX-Z30, EXILIM EX-Z40 User Guide

PRINT Image Matching, Exif Print



PRINT Image Matching 


Images include PRINT Image Matching


 data (mode setting and other camera

setup information). A printer that
supports PRINT Image Matching 


reads this data and adjusts the printed
image accordingly, so your images
come out just the way you intended
when you recorded them.


Seiko Epson Corporation holds the
copyright for PRINT Image Matching and
PRINT Image Matching 



Exif Print

Exif Print is an
internationally supported,
open standard file format
that makes it possible to
capture and display vibrant
digital images with accurate
colors. With Exif 2.2, files
include a wide range of
shooting condition
information that can be
interpreted by an Exif Print
printer to produce better-
looking prints.


• Information about the availability of Exif Print

compatible printer models can be obtained from each
printer manufacturer.