Printing Precautions



Printing Precautions

• See the documentation that comes with your printer for

information about print quality and paper settings.

• Contact your printer manufacturer for information about

models that support PictBridge and USB DIRECT-PRINT,
upgrades, etc.

• Never disconnect the USB cable, or perform any camera

or USB cradle operation while printing is in progress.
Doing so causes a printer error.

• A message appears on the monitor screen, followed

by the DPOF setting screen (page 144), if there are
no DPOF settings currently configured on the
camera to control the printing operation. If this
happens, configure the required DPOF settings and
then perform step 6 of the above procedure again.

• If you want to change the current DPOF settings,

select “DPOF” on the print menu to display the
DPOF setting screen (page 144).


After you are finished printing, press the USB
cradle’s [USB] button, and then turn off the