Macintosh Users
The camera comes bundled with Photo Loader for the
Macintosh, which can be installed for image transfer and
management, but not for printing. Use commercially
available software for printing with a Macintosh.  For more
information, see “Viewing Images on a Computer” (page
151) and “Installing the Software from the CD-ROM” (page


• Refer to the pages referenced above for information

about how to connect the camera to a computer.
Image management procedures are provided in the
following pages of this section.


The letters “DPOF” stand for “Digital Print
Order Format”, which is a format for
recording on a memory card or other medium
which digital camera images should be
printed and how many copies of the image
should be printed. Then you can print on a
DPOF-compatible printer or at a professional
print service in accordance with the file name
and number of copies settings recorded on
the card.
With this camera, you should always select images by
viewing them on the monitor screen. Do not specify images
by file name without viewing the file contents.

 DPOF Settings

File Name,
number of copies,