Casio EXILIM EX-Z30, EXILIM EX-Z40 User Guide

To set an alarm



Using the Alarm

You can configure up to three alarms that cause the
camera to beep and display a specified image at the time
you specify. Specifying a movie or an audio snapshot plays
back the image and the audio at the assigned time.
Specifying a voice recording file plays the audio.

To set an alarm


In the PLAY mode, press [MENU].


Select the “PLAY” tab, select “Alarm”, and
then press [



Use [

] and [

] to select the alarm whose

setting you want to configure, and then press



Use [

] and [

] to select the setting you want

to change, and then use [

] and [

] to

change the selected setting.

• You can set an alarm time and configure the alarm to

sound either once or at the same time everyday. You
can also turn the alarm on or off.


Press [DISP].

• You could press [SET] in place of [DISP] if you want

to configure the alarm without an image.


Use [

] and [

] to select the scene you want

to appear at the alarm time, and then press


After all the settings are the way you want,
press [SET].

• You can configure up to three alarms, named “Alarm

1”, “Alarm 2”, and “Alarm 3”.