General Precautions




General Precautions

Be sure to observe the following important precautions
whenever using the EX-Z30/EX-Z40.

All references in this manual to “this camera” and “the
camera” refer to the CASIO EX-Z30/EX-Z40 Digital

• Never try to take pictures or use the built-in display while

operating a motor vehicle or while walking. Doing so
creates the danger of serious accident.

• Never try to open the case of the camera or attempt your

own repairs. High-voltage internal components create the
risk of electric shock when exposed. Always leave
maintenance and repair work up to a CASIO authorized
service center.

• Never look at the sun or any other bright light through the

camera’s viewfinder. Doing so can damage your eyesight.

• Keep the small parts and accessories of this camera out

of the reach of small children. If swallowed accidentally,
contact your physician immediately.

• Never fire the flash in the direction of a person operating

a motor vehicle. Doing so can interfere with the driver’s
vision and create the danger of accident.

• PRINT Image Matching 


 Compatible (page 150)

Images include PRINT Image Matching 


 data (mode

setting and other camera setup information). A printer that
supports PRINT Image Matching 


 reads this data and

adjusts the printed image accordingly, so your images
come out just the way you intended when you recorded

• USB DIRECT-PRINT support (page 146)

Your camera supports USB DIRECT-PRINT, which was
developed by Seiko Epson Corporation. When connected
directly to a printer that supports USB DIRECT-PRINT,
you can select images to print and start the print
operation directly from the camera.

• PictBridge support (page 146)

Your camera supports the PictBridge standard of the
Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA). You
can connect the camera directly to a printer that supports
PictBridge, and perform image selection and printing
using the camera monitor screen and controls.

• Bundled with Photo Loader and Photohands (page 175)

Your camera comes bundled with Photo Loader, the
popular application that automatically loads images from
your camera to your PC. It also comes with Photohands,
and application that makes image retouching quick and