Continuous Shutter Precautions




• Note that with zoom continuous shutter, you do not need to 

keep the shutter button depressed.

• Zoom continuous shutter cannot be used in combination 

with any of the following features.

– Digital Zoom

– Face recognition

• Zoom continuous shutter is not available when the image 

size setting is 3:2 (3648 × 2432 pixels) or 16:9 (3648 × 

2048 pixels).

• When the image size setting is 10M (3648 × 2736 pixels) or 

5M (2560 × 1920 pixels), the size of the zoomed image 

produced by zoom continuous shutter is 3M (2048 × 1536 


• When Auto Focus is selected as the focus mode, the 

metering mode automatically switches to “Spot” (pages 

119, 130) and locates the Auto Focus area in the center of 

the Zoom Continuous Shutter selection boundary.

Continuous Shutter Precautions

• Starting a continuous shutter operation causes the exposure 

and focus settings to be fixed at the levels for the first image. 

The same settings are applied to all subsequent images.

• Continuous shutter cannot be used in combination with any of 

the following features.

– Some BEST SHOT scenes (Layout, Auto Framing, 

Business Cards and Documents, Whiteboard, etc., Old 

Photo, ID Photo, Movie, Short Movie, Past Movie, For 

YouTube, Voice Recording)

• When using a continuous shutter mode, keep the camera still 

until all recording is finished.

• A continuous shutter operation may stop part way through if 

memory capacity runs low.

• The continuous shutter rate depends on the current image 

size and image quality settings.

• You can select the flash mode you want with normal-speed 

continuous shutter mode.

• With high-speed continuous shutter, the flash mode 

automatically becomes “

” (flash off).

• With the flash continuous shutter mode, the flash mode 

automatically becomes “

” (flash on).

• You cannot use the self-timer in combination with the normal-

speed continuous shutter mode or high-speed continuous 

shutter mode.