Casio EXILIM EX-H5 User Guide

Saving Music from Your Computer to Camera Memory


Other Playback Functions (PLAY)

• To stop the slideshow, press [ ] (Delete). Pressing [SET] instead of [ ] (Delete) 

stops the slideshow and returns to the menu screen.

• Adjust audio volume by pressing [2] and then press [8] or [2] during playback.
• All button operations are disabled while the slideshow is transitioning from one 

image to another.

• The time required for transition from one image to another may be longer in the 

case of an image that was not recorded with this camera.

You can replace the built-in slideshow background music with other music from your 

Supported File Types:

• PCM format (16-bit, monaural) WAV files
• Sampling Frequencies: 11.025 kHz/22.05 kHz/44.1 kHz

Number of Files: 9
File names: SSBGM001.WAV to SSBGM009.WAV

• Create the music files on your computer using the above names.
• Regardless of which effect pattern you select, the BGM files you store in camera 

memory are played back in name sequence.


Select the effect you want.
Pattern 1 to 5: Plays background music and applies an image change effect.

• Patterns 1 through 4 have different background music, but they all use the 

same image change effect.

• Pattern 5 can be used for playback of snapshots only, and the “Interval” 

setting is ignored.

• The currently selected image change effect setting is disabled automatically 

in following cases.
– When playing a slideshow for which “» Only” or “One Image” is selected 

for the “Images” setting

– When the interval setting is “MAX”, 1 second or 2 seconds.
– Before and after playback of a movie or Voice Recording file

Off: No image change effect or background music

Saving Music from Your Computer to Camera Memory