Casio EXILIM EX-H5 User Guide

Using Auto Shutter Auto Shutter


Advanced Settings


[r] (REC) * [SET] * MENU * REC Tab * Auto Shutter

With Auto Shutter, the camera releases the shutter automatically when it detects that 
certain conditions are present.


To use Detect Blur to minimize image blur (Detect Blur)


Point the camera at the subject and half-press the shutter button. Wait 
until the camera adjusts exposure and focus automatically.


Press the shutter button the rest of the way 

The camera will go into a standby mode and start 
detecting hand and subject movement. The camera will 
release the shutter automatically the moment it 
determines there is no image blur.

• “0 Auto” flashes on the monitor screen while 

detection of image blur due to hand movement or 
subject movement is in progress.

Using Auto Shutter (Auto Shutter)

 Detect Blur

Camera releases the shutter automatically when it detects 
image blur to camera and subject movement are 

 Detect Panning

When panning, the camera releases the shutter 
automatically when it determines there is no blur in the 
subject being followed.

 Detect Smile

Camera releases the shutter automatically when it detects 
the subject is smiling.




The indicator color 
changes from red to 
green when the camera 
is getting ready to 
release the shutter.