Casio EXILIM EX-H5 User Guide

Displaying the On screen Grid Grid, Using the Auto Focus Assist Light AF Assist Light


Advanced Settings


• Only Camera Stabilizer can be used during movie recording.
• ISO sensitivity, aperture, and shutter speed do not appear on the monitor screen 

when you half-press the shutter button while “D Auto” or “S Image AS” is 
selected. These values will appear briefly, however, in the preview image that is 
displayed immediately after you shoot a snapshot.

• The ISO sensitivity setting (page 78) must be “Auto” for “S Image AS” to work.
• Shooting while “D Auto” or “S Image AS” is selected can cause an image to 

appear somewhat coarser than normal and can cause slight deterioration of image 

• Anti Shake may not be able to eliminate the effects of camera or subject movement 

when movement is severe.

• “A Camera AS” may not work properly when the camera is mounted on a tripod. 

Either turn off Anti Shake or select “S Image AS”.


[r] (REC) * [SET] * MENU * REC Tab * Grid

The on-screen grid can be displayed on the REC mode 
monitor screen for easy vertical and horizontal alignment 
when composing images.


[r] (REC) * [SET] * MENU * REC Tab * AF Assist Light

Half-pressing the shutter button while this setting is selected 
causes the front lamp to light, which provides illumination for 
focusing in areas where lighting is dim. Leaving this function 
turned off is recommended when shooting portraits from short 
distances, etc.


• Never look directly into the front lamp while it is lit.

Displaying the On-screen Grid (Grid)

Using the Auto Focus Assist Light (AF Assist Light)

Front lamp