Casio EXILIM EX-H5 User Guide

Turning the Camera On and Off, To turn power on, To turn off the camera


Quick Start Basics

• Take care to ensure that nothing is restricting or 

coming into contact with the lens as it extends. Holding 
the lens with your hand so it cannot extend creates the 
risk of malfunction.

• Pressing  [p] (PLAY) while in the REC mode switches 

to the PLAY mode. The lens retracts about 10 seconds after switching modes.

• The Sleep function or Auto Power Off (pages 139, 140) will turn off power 

automatically if you do not perform any operation for a preset amount of time.

Press [ON/OFF] (Power).

• You can configure the camera so power does not turn on when you press [r] 

(REC) or [p] (PLAY). You also can configure the camera to turn off when you 
press [r] (REC) or [p] (PLAY) (page 140).

Turning the Camera On and Off

To turn power on

To turn on power 
and enter the 
REC mode

Press [ON/OFF] (Power) or 
[r] (REC).

• The back lamp will light green 

momentarily and the lens will 
extend out of the camera (page 25).

To turn on power 
and enter the 
PLAY mode

Press [p] (PLAY).

• The back lamp will light green 

momentarily and an image currently 
stored in camera memory will 
appear on the monitor screen (page 

To turn off the camera

[ON/OFF] (Power)

Back lamp