Casio EXILIM EX-H5 User Guide

Other Settings Set Up


Other Settings (Set Up)

Other Settings (Set Up)

This section explains menu items that you can use to configure settings and perform 
other operations in both the REC mode and PLAY mode.


[SET] * MENU * Set Up Tab * Power Saving

Enabling power saving reduces the brightness of the monitor screen and configures 
other camera operations for low-power operation, which allows a charge to last longer 
and increase the number of images that can be shot between charges.


[SET] * MENU * Set Up Tab * Eye-Fi

Select “Off” to disable Eye-Fi card communication (page 128).

See the following for more information.

– REC Menu (page 65)
– PLAY Menu (page 89)

Enabling Power Saving (Power Saving)

Turning off Eye-Fi Card Communication (Eye-Fi)