Casio EXILIM EX-H5 User Guide

Playing Movies


Using the Camera with a Computer


Double-click the image file you want to view.

• For information about file names, see “Memory Folder Structure” on page 131.
• An image that was rotated on the camera will be displayed on your computer 

screen in its original (unrotated) orientation.


• Never unplug the USB cable, or operate the camera while viewing or storing 

images. Doing so can cause data to become corrupted.

Windows Media Player, which is already installed on most computers, can be used 
for movie playback. To play back a movie, first copy the movie to your computer and 
then double-click the movie file.


Minimum Computer System Requirements for Movie Playback

The minimum system requirements described below are necessary to play back 
movies recorded with this camera on a computer.

• The above are recommended system environments. Configuring one of these 

environments does not guarantee proper operation.

• Certain settings and other installed software may interfere with proper playback of 


Never use your computer to modify, delete, move, or rename any image files 
that are in the camera’s built-in memory or on its memory card.
Doing so can cause problems with the camera’s image management data, which 
will make it impossible to play back images on the camera and can drastically alter 
remaining memory capacity. Whenever you want to modify, delete, move, or 
rename an image, do so only on images that are stored on your computer.

Playing Movies

Operating System : Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000

: Image Quality “HD”:

Pentium 4  3.2 GHz or higher

Image Quality “STD” or “LP”:

Pentium M  1.0 GHz or higher
Pentium 4  2.0 GHz or higher

Required Software: Windows Media Player, DirectX 9.0c or higher