Casio EXILIM EX-H5 User Guide

To view a Dynamic Photo Dynamic Photo File


Dynamic Photo


• The camera comes with a number of extracted sample subjects in its built-in 

memory, which you can use to create Dynamic Photos, if you like.

• Performing a delete or format operation will delete the sample subjects in built-in 

memory. If you delete the sample subjects, you can download them from the 
Dynamic Photo Special Site ( and restore them to built-in 
camera memory.

• You can copy the sample subjects to a memory card using the “Built-in * Card” 

copy operation (page 99).


Press [p] (PLAY) and then use [4] and [6] to display the Dynamic 
Photo you want to view.


If you want to see the subject in the Dynamic Photo move, press [0] 

The Dynamic Photo is repeated as a continuous loop.

• Movement of the subject also will start automatically about two seconds after 

you display a Dynamic Photo.

To view a Dynamic Photo (Dynamic Photo File)