Casio EXILIM EX-FC300S User Guide

Shooting with Zoom


Snapshot Tutorial

Your camera is equipped with various types of zoom: optical zoom, HD Zoom, Single 
SR Zoom, Multi SR Zoom, and digital zoom. The maximum zoom factor depends on 
the image size setting and the digital zoom on/off settings.


In the REC mode, rotate the zoom controller to zoom.


Press the shutter button to shoot.

Shooting with Zoom

Optical zoom

Zooming is performed by changing the lens focal distance, so 
there is no deterioration of image quality.

HD Zoom

Allows greater zoom capabilities by cutting out a portion of the 
original image and enlarging it, without deterioration of image 

Single SR Zoom

Applies super resolution technology to suppress image 
deterioration (page 61).

Multi SR Zoom

Shoots a burst of high-speed images, which are then combined 
into a final image in a way that lessens deterioration of image 
quality. Multi SR Zoom is enabled only when the “Multi SR 
Zoom” recording mode is selected. (page 62)

Digital zoom

A digital process is used to enlarge the center of the image, so 
there is deterioration of image quality.


 (Wide Angle): Reduces the size of the subject and broadens the range.


 (Telephoto) : Enlarges the subject and narrows the range.


 Wide Angle



Zoom controller