Casio EXILIM EX-FC300S User Guide

Snapshot Tutorial


Snapshot Tutorial

Snapshot Tutorial

Your camera has a variety of different recording 
modes. Before recording an image, rotate the mode 
dial to select the recording mode that suits the type 
of image you are trying to record.

Selecting the Recording Mode

P Program  Auto

Standard Auto recording mode. This is the mode you normally should use 
(page 33).

Ÿ Premium Auto PRO

With Premium Auto PRO recording, the camera automatically determines 
whether you are shooting a subject or scenery, and other conditions. Premium 
Auto PRO recording delivers higher image quality than standard Auto recording 
(page 33).


Simply select one of a collection of built-in sample scenes and the camera sets 
up automatically for beautiful images every time (page 79).


This mode (HDR: High Dynamic Range) lets you shoot images without whiteout 
or blackout, even when there is a great difference in bright and dark areas in the 
subject you are shooting (page 65).


A variety of artistic effects help to make even common, ordinary subjects 
become more novel and exciting.

 Multi SR Zoom

This feature uses super resolution technology and multiple Continuous Shutter 
(CS) images to expand the zoom range for overall images of higher quality and 
clarity (page 62).


CUSTOM SHOT lets you register up to 12 different setups for instant recall 
whenever you need them (page 68).

Mode dial