Casio EXILIM EX-FC300S User Guide

Recording a Golf Swing with High Speed CS Swing Burst



To self-shoot from the front with normal movie recording


Compose the image so the vertical line is 
aligned with the center of the golfer’s body, 
and the horizontal line is aligned with the ball.


Press [0] (Movie).

This starts movie recording.

• The camera will focus the image automatically 

before shooting starts, but the focus setting will 
remain fixed while recording is in progress.


Press [0] (Movie) again to stop recording.

This BEST SHOT scene makes it easy to record a golf swing with High Speed CS. 
Half-pressing and holding the shutter button causes a pre-record buffer to be 
continually updated with images. When the shutter button is fully pressed, buffer 
contents are recorded along with a series of real-time images (Prerecord (Still 
Image)). Use this BEST SHOT scene when you want to make sure you do not miss 
any part of fast-moving action. The initial default setting is for five pre-recorded 
images, which helps to eliminate troublesome settings.


Up to 30 images (pre-recorded buffer images plus real-time images) for each 


Align the dial with [



Press [SET].


Use [8] and [2] to select 

, and then press [SET].

This will display a menu of BEST SHOT scenes.

Recording a Golf Swing with High Speed CS (Swing Burst)

Shutter button half-press

Recorded images (up to 30 images)

Continuous recording of images until shutter 

button is released*

Shutter button release

Shutter button full-press

Pre-recorded images