Casio EXILIM EX-FC300S User Guide

Using DPOF to Specify Images to be Printed and the Number, of Copies DPOF Printing




Digital Print Order Format (DPOF)

DPOF is a standard that allows you to include image type, number of copy, 
and time stamp on/off information on the memory card with the images. 
After configuring settings, you can use the memory card to print on a home 
printer that supports DPOF or take the memory card to a professional print 

• Whether or not you will be able to use DPOF settings for printing depends on the 

printer you are using.

• Some professional print services may not support DPOF.


Configuring DPOF Settings Individually for Each Image


[p] (PLAY) * Snapshot Screen * [MENU] * 
“p PLAY MENU” Tab * DPOF Printing * Select images


Use [4] and [6] to scroll through the files until the image you want to 
print is displayed.


Use [8] and [2] to specify the number of copies.

You can specify a value up to 99. Specify 00 if you do not want to print the image.

• If you want to include the date in the images, press [0] (Movie) so “On” is 

shown for date stamping.

• Repeat steps 1 and 2 to configure settings for other images, if you want.


Press [SET].

Using DPOF to Specify Images to be Printed and the Number 

of Copies (DPOF Printing)