Casio EXILIM EX-FC300S User Guide

Combining CS Images into a Single Still Image, CS Multi Print, Editing a CS Image CS Frame Edit


Other Playback Functions (PLAY MENU)


[p] (PLAY) * Display CS group. * [MENU] * 
“p PLAY MENU” Tab * CS Multi Print


Use [8] and [2] to select “Create”.

• You can use [4] and [6] to select a different CS group, if you want.


Press [SET].

This converts the CS group to a 16M (4608


3456) image with up to 30 CS 

frames (5 vertical 


 6 horizontal).

• This camera may not be able to correctly convert a CS group image with 

another camera.

• The recording date of the converted image will be the same as the recording 

date of the original CS group.

• When converting a CS group whose images have been rotated by the 

“Rotation” feature to a CS Multi Print image, the arrangement of the images in 
the CS Multi Print will be different from that of normal (unrotated) CS images.


[p] (PLAY) * [MENU] * “p PLAY MENU” Tab * CS Frame Edit

See the following pages for details.
DPOF Printing: page 143
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Copy: page 122
Delete: page 119

Combining CS Images into a Single Still Image 

(CS Multi Print)

Editing a CS Image (CS Frame Edit)