Casio EXILIM EX-FC300S User Guide

Optimizing Image Brightness Lighting


Other Playback Functions (PLAY MENU)


Use [8] and [2] to select “Yes” and then press [SET].

The selected cut operation will take considerable time to complete. Don’t try to 
perform any camera operation until the “Busy... Please wait...” message 
disappears from the monitor screen. Note that a cut operation can take a long 
time if the movie being edited is long.


• When you edit a movie, only the result is saved. The original movie is not retained. 

An editing operation cannot be undone.


• A movie that is shorter than five seconds cannot be edited.
• Editing of movies recorded with a different type of camera is not supported.
• You will not be able to edit a movie if the amount of remaining memory capacity is 

less than the size of the movie file you want to edit. If there is not enough memory 
available, delete files you no longer need to free up more.

• Splitting of a movie into two movies and splicing of two different movies into a 

single movie are not supported.

• You also can start a movie editing operation while the movie you want to edit is 

playing back. When playback reaches a frame where you want a cut point to be, 
press [SET] to pause playback. Next, press [2] to display the menu of editing 
options. Perform editing using the same procedures as described above.


[p] (PLAY) * Snapshot Screen * [MENU] * 
“p PLAY MENU” Tab * Lighting

You can use this setting to adjust the balance between bright areas and dark areas in 
existing images in the range of 0 (no optimization) to +2 (bright).


• Correcting the lighting when shooting produces better results (page 109).
• Altering the lighting of an image causes the original image and the new (altered) 

version to be stored as separate files.

• When you display an altered image on the camera’s monitor screen, the date and 

time indicates when the image was originally recorded, not when the image was 

Optimizing Image Brightness (Lighting)