Casio EXILIM EX-FC300S User Guide

Viewing High quality Movies on a Hi Vision Television


Viewing Snapshots and Movies


• Audio is stereo.
• Some TVs may not be able to output images and/or audio correctly.
• All icons and indicators that appear on the monitor screen also appear on the TV 

screen. You can use [8] (DISP) to change the display contents.

• Normally connecting the camera to a TV during recording will cause the camera’s 

monitor screen to go blank and display the image picked up by the camera on the 
TV screen. If you are using Wide Shot (page 83), the image will be shown on the 
monitor screen but not the TV screen. Image recording can be performed in either 

Use a commercially available HDMI cable to 
connect the camera to the TV. For information 
about playback, see the procedure starting 
from step 2 under “Viewing Snapshots and 
Movies on a TV Screen” on page 124.

• Use a commercially available HDMI cable that is marked with the logo shown to the 



• Output to a TV is not supported while the camera is in the REC mode.

Viewing High-quality Movies on a Hi-Vision Television

HDMI connector

HDMI cable 

HDMI mini connector

HDMI input

HDMI output (Mini)