Casio EXILIM EX-FC300S User Guide

Viewing Continuous Shutter Images


Viewing Snapshots and Movies

Each time you perform a continuous shutter (CS) operation, the camera creates a CS 
group that includes all of the images for that particular CS session. You can use the 
following procedure to play back the images in a particular CS group.


Press [p] (PLAY) and then use [4] and [6] to display the CS group 
whose images you want to view.


About one second after you select a CS group, high speed playback of 
its images will start automatically.

• After playback of a CS Group is complete, the first image of the group will be 

displayed on the monitor screen.

• Pressing [SET] will pause playback. While playback is paused, you can adjust 

the playback speed, specify the playback direction, scroll forward or back, 
zoom images, and delete images.

Viewing Continuous Shutter Images

Number of image files in

the CS group

First image in the CS group

CS group icon

Current image number/number of images in the group

CS speed


Playback guide


Displayed when the image was shot using “High Speed CS”.