Casio EXILIM EX-FC300S User Guide

Specifying the Auto Focus Area AF Area


Advanced Settings (REC MENU)


Enter the REC Mode * [MENU] * “r REC MENU” Tab * AF Area

You can use the following procedure to change the Auto Focus metering area for 
shooting snapshots.

• When recording movies, the AF metering area is always “U Spot”.

• Auto Focus is disabled when “MF” (Manual Focus) is selected for the focus mode 

(page 48), even if you select an AF area.

• With some BEST SHOT scenes, there are restrictions on the use of AF area 

settings. Because of this, you may not be able to use certain settings or you may 
not be able to specify any AF Area setting.

• While Face Detection (page 110) is turned on, regardless of the current AF Area 

setting, “U Spot” (center) focusing will be used automatically whenever a face 
cannot be detected for some reason.

Specifying the Auto Focus Area (AF Area)





The camera automatically determines the focus point on the 
screen and focuses there (intelligent AF).

• Face detection (page 110) operates automatically.



This mode takes readings of a small area in the center of the 
image. This setting works well with focus lock (page 50).



When you half-press the shutter button while this setting selected, 
the camera will select the optimum Auto Focus area from among 
nine possible areas. The focus frame of the area where the 
camera focuses will be displayed in green.



When you half-press the shutter button while this setting is 
selected, the focus frame will follow the movement of the subject.

“U Spot” or “O Tracking”

Focus frame

“š Intelligent”

Focus frame

“I Multi”

Focus frame