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Pre-recording Mode


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Pre-recording Mode

When pre-recording mode is activated, the camcorder starts recording continuously into a temporary memory of 
approximately 5 seconds so when you press the START/STOP button, the clip will contain also approximately 
5 seconds of video and audio recorded before you pressed the button. Pre-recording is available only for HD 

1 Touch [FUNC.] and then touch 

[Pre REC].

2 Touch [

On] to turn on pre-recording mode and then touch [


 appears on the upper right of the screen.

• Touch [

Off] to turn off pre-recording mode.

3 Press the START/STOP button to begin recording.

• The tally lamp illuminates.

4 Press the START/STOP button again to stop recording.

• The camcorder records the clip, including approximately 5 seconds of video and audio recorded before the 

START/STOP button was pressed.

• The tally lamp goes out.


• During pre-recording mode, the time code’s running mode (

A 84) will be set to [Free Run], regardless of the 

previous setting. When the time code is recorded, it will include the 5 seconds before the START/STOP button 
was pressed. When pre-recording mode is deactivated, the running mode will return to its previous setting.

• Pre-recording cannot be used together with slow & fast motion recording.

• Pre-recording will be deactivated if you open the setup menus or change the look setting (

A 65).

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