Recording Audio


Recording Audio


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Recording Audio

This camcorder features 2-channel linear PCM audio recording and playback with a sampling frequency of 
48 kHz. You can record audio using a commercially available external microphone (INPUT terminals, MIC 
terminal), analog line input (INPUT terminals) or the built-in stereo microphone. 
Audio is not recorded during slow & fast motion recording mode.

Connecting an External Microphone or External Audio Input Source to the Camera

To each of the INPUT terminals you can attach commercially available microphones or analog line in sources with 
an XLR connector. To the MIC terminal you can attach commercially available condenser microphones with their 
own power supply, and a ∅ 3.5 mm stereo mini plug.
In order to use the INPUT terminals, the supplied MA-400 Microphone Adapter must be correctly attached to the 
camcorder. It has a microphone holder where you can fix external microphones with a diameter of 19 mm to 
20 mm (0.75" to 0.79").

Follow the procedure below to attach a microphone (refer also to the following illustration). To connect an 
external device to the camcorder, plug the device’s cable into the desired INPUT terminal (


1 Loosen the microphone lock screw (햲), open the microphone holder and insert the microphone (햳).

2 Tighten the lock screw and put the microphone cable through the cable clamp under the 

microphone holder (햴).

3 Plug the microphone cable into the desired INPUT terminal (햵) or the MIC terminal (햶).

Operating modes:

MIC terminal

Cable clamp

INPUT 1 terminal

lock screw

INPUT 2 terminal