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Adjusting the Focus



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Manual Focus (MF)

You can adjust the focus using the focus ring on the lens, through 
the FUNC. menu, or remotely with the Browser Remote application.

Using the Focus Ring

1 Set the FOCUS switch to M.

• MF appears on the left side of the screen.

2 Turn the focus ring on the lens to adjust the focus.

• The focusing speed will depend on how fast you turn the ring.


• You can change the direction of the adjustment and the sensitivity of the response of the focus ring using the 


v Camera Setup] > [2] > [Focus Ring Direction] and [Focus Ring Response] settings.

Using the FUNC. Menu

When the camcorder is in

mode, you must first add [< Focus] to the right side of the FUNC. menu before 

adjusting the focus. If you have already done so or the camcorder is in

mode, start from the second 


To Adjust the Focus



1 Set the FOCUS switch to M.

• MF appears on the left side of the screen.

2 Press the MENU button.

3 Open  the  [

v Customize 

 Menu] screen.


System  Setup] 

> [2] > [v Customize Menu]

4 From the right side of the screen, select the function to remove from the 

right side of the FUNC. menu.

5 From the bottom of the screen, select [< Focus].

6 Touch  [


To adjust the focus

1 Touch [FUNC.] and then touch < [Focus].

2 Touch a subject that appears inside the white frame.

• The I mark will flash on the selected subject or area and the camcorder will automatically focus where the 

mark is. After that, the camcorder will return to MF mode.

Operating modes:

Operating modes:

Operating modes:


System Setup]



v Customize Menu]