Adjusting the Focus

Adjusting the Focus



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Adjusting the Focus

The camcorder offers 3 ways to focus. When you use manual focus, you can use the focus assistance functions, 
peaking and magnification, to help you focus more accurately.

Autofocus (AF): The camcorder continuously adjusts the focus automatically. You can also use the focus ring 
(with no physical stops).

Manual focus (MF): Adjust the focus manually using the focus ring, the FUNC. menu or remotely, using the 
Browser Remote application.

Push AF: While using MF, you can have the camcorder switch temporarily to AF mode as long as you hold the 
PUSH AF button pressed down.

Autofocus (AF) Mode

The camcorder uses the TTL autofocus system and continuously adjusts the focus on the subject in the center 
of the screen. The focusing range is 8 cm (3.1 in.; at full wide-angle, measured from the front of the lens barrel) to 


Even during autofocus mode, you can turn the focus ring to focus manually. When you stop turning the ring, the 
camcorder returns to autofocus mode. This is useful in situations such as when focusing on a subject on the 
other side of a window.

Set the FOCUS switch to A.

• @ appears on the left side of the screen.

Using Focus Priority

You can select the autofocus method used by the camcorder when 
taking a photo. This will also determine what AF frames are displayed 
when taking a photo.

1 Touch [FUNC.] and then touch [Focus 


2 Select the desired option and then touch [



Operating modes:

Operating modes:




No AF frame will appear and the photo will be recorded immediately.



One or more AF frames out of the nine available frames are automatically selected and the focus is fixed 
on them.




A single focusing frame appears in the center of the screen and the focus is automatically fixed on the 
subject in the frame. While keeping the focus on the subject, you can recompose the shot.