Basic Recording

Recording Video and Taking Photos



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Basic Recording

This camcorder uses the same button to record video clips and take photos. In this manual, when you are 
recording video clips, this button is referred to as the START/STOP button; when you are shooting photos, it is 
referred to as the PHOTO button.

1 Set the movie/photo switch to 

v to record clips or { to take photos.

2 Set the shooting mode dial to the desired shooting mode (

A 55).

3 Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the camcorder.

• The POWER/CHG indicator will illuminate in green.

• You can change the setting that determines the file name of recorded clips (

A 45).

To shoot clips

4 Press the START/STOP button.

• Recording starts. The tally lamp illuminates and the 

Ñ icon at the top of the screen changes to Ü.

• The ACCESS indicator flashes in red intermittently as the camcorder records to the recording media.

• You can also take a photo while recording a clip (

A 43).

5 Press the START/STOP button to stop the recording.

• The clip is recorded on the recording media and the camcorder enters record standby mode. The tally lamp 

will also go out.

6 Press and hold the ON/OFF button until the POWER/CHG indicator goes out.

• Make sure the ACCESS indicator has also gone out.

Operating modes:

ACCESS indicator


Tally lamp

Shooting mode dial