Using the Optional RC 6 Remote Controller

Using the Optional RC-6 Remote Controller



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Using the Optional RC-6 Remote Controller

The camcorder can be operated remotely. You can use the optional RC-6 Remote Controller as described in this 
section. You can also use the camcorder’s network functions and wirelessly connect a compatible device to 
control the camcorder. For details about wirelessly controlling the camcorder, refer to 

Browser Remote: 

Controlling the Camcorder from a Network Device


A 131).

Activating the Remote Sensor 

1 Press the MENU button.

2 Open the [Wireless Remote Control] submenu.


 System Setup] 

> [3] (in 

 mode) or [2] (in 


[Wireless Remote Control]

3 Select [

i On] and then touch [X].

• To deactivate the remote sensor, select [

j Off

] instead.

Using the Remote Controller to Operate the 

When using the remote controller, point it at the camcorder’s 
remote sensor.

• The position of the delay switch on the remote controller 

determines how the remote controller operates. Refer to 
the following table.


• The camcorder may not operate correctly when used under fluorescent or LED lights. Make sure to use the 

camcorder away from such light sources as much as possible.

• The camcorder may not operate correctly when a remote controller for another device is pointed at the 

camcorder and operated.

• The remote controller may not operate correctly when the remote sensor is located under strong light sources 

or direct sunlight.

• The camcorder may not operate correctly when a flash fires. If a flash is being used in the vicinity, deactivate 

the remote sensor as described in the previous procedure.

• When the camcorder cannot be operated with the remote controller under normal circumstances, or when it 

can only be operated at very close range, replace the battery.

Operating modes:

Delay switch 





Starts and stops 
recording a video clip.

Takes a photo after a 
2-second delay.

Takes a photo, even 
while recording a video 

Takes a photo 

[  System Setup]

[3] (in 

 mode) or 

[2] (in 


[Wireless Remote Control]


j Off


Remote sensor

Delay switch 
(bottom side of 
remote controller)