Inserting a CFast Card

Preparing Recording Media



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Inserting a CFast Card

1 Turn off the camcorder.

• Wait until the ACCESS indicator is off.

2 Slide the CARD OPEN switch in the direction of the 

arrow and open the recording media slot cover.

3 Insert the CFast card straight, with the label facing up, 

all the way into the slot 햲.

• Make sure that you insert the CFast card into the slot so 

that the connectors in the card match the orientation 
shown on the illustration to the left of the CFast card slot.

4 Close the recording media slot cover 햳.

• Do not force the cover closed if the CFast card is not 

correctly inserted.


• CFast cards have front and back sides that are not interchangeable. Inserting a CFast card facing the wrong 

direction can cause a malfunction of the camcorder. Be sure to insert the CFast card as described in the 
procedure above.

ACCESS indicator

Recording media status

On or flashing

Accessing the recording media.


A recording media is not inserted or 
it is not being accessed.