Preparing Recording Media


Preparing Recording Media


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Preparing Recording Media

The camcorder records 4K clips to CFast cards, and HD clips and photos to 




 SDHC and 0 

SDXC memory cards. Initialize recording media (

A 38) when you use them with this camcorder for the first 

time. In the case of SD cards, initialize using the [Complete Initialization] option.

Compatible Recording Media

For the latest information about recording media tested for use with this camcorder, visit your local Canon Web 

CFast cards

CFast 2.0-compliant cards.

SD cards
As of June 2016, the recording function has been tested using memory cards made by Panasonic, Toshiba and 
SanDisk. For details about SD cards tested for use with this camcorder, visit your local Canon Web site.


To record HD clips with a frame rate/bit rate of [59.94P / 50 Mbps] or clips using slow & fast motion recording mode, we 
recommend using SD cards rated CLASS 10.


• Turn off the camcorder before inserting or removing recording media. Inserting or removing the recording 

media with the camcorder on may result in permanent data loss.

• After repeatedly recording, deleting and editing recordings (fragmented memory), it will take longer to write 

data on recording media and recording may stop. Save your recordings and initialize the recording media with 
the camcorder.

• About CFast and SDXC cards:  You can use CFast cards and SDXC cards with this camcorder but such 

recording media are initialized using the exFAT file system. 
- When using exFAT-formatted recording media with other devices (digital recorders, card readers, etc.), make 

sure that the external device is compatible with exFAT. For more information on compatibility, contact the 
computer, operating system or memory card manufacturer.

- If you use exFAT-formatted recording media with a computer OS that is not exFAT-compatible, you may be 

prompted to format the memory card. In such case, cancel the operation to prevent data loss.


• Proper operation cannot be guaranteed for all recording media.

Memory card type: . SD card, / SDHC card, 0 SDXC card
SD Speed Class*: