Using the MENU Button and Joystick, Using the FUNC Menu and Setup Menus

Basic Operation of the Camcorder



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• The camcorder features a capacitive touch screen. In the following cases, you may not be able to perform 

touch operations correctly.
- Using your fingernails or hard-tipped objects, such as ballpoint pens.
- Operating the touch screen with wet or gloved hands.
- Applying excessive force or forcefully scratching the touch screen.
- Attaching commercially available screen protectors or adhesive film onto the touch screen’s surface.

Using the MENU Button and Joystick

You can navigate some of the camcorder’s menus and screens using the MENU button and joystick instead of 
using the touch panel. This is convenient, for example, when the viewfinder unit is attached to the camcorder 
and you cannot touch the screen.

Using the FUNC. Menu and Setup Menus

The camcorder’s functions and settings can be adjusted using the FUNC. menu and setup menus. For details 
about the available menu options and settings, refer to the appendix 

Menu Options


A 137). In this manual, 

navigating the menus is explained using mainly the touch panel controls but they can also be navigated using the 
joystick and other buttons. The procedure below explains how to use both methods. If necessary, refer back to 
this section for details on using the joystick.

When making a menu selection, push the joystick 

Ý/Þ) to move the orange selection frame in 

the menu. Then, press the joystick itself to select 
the menu item indicated by the orange selection 

MENU button
Press the button to open the setup menus and then 
press again to close the menu after adjusting 
desired settings.