Basic Operation of the Camcorder

Basic Operation of the Camcorder



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Basic Operation of the Camcorder

Depending on how you plan to shoot, you may need to switch between shooting video clips and shooting 
photos. Before you shoot, you can also select a shooting mode, which can give you the freedom of adjusting the 
camcorder’s camera-related settings or allow you to entrust the settings to the camcorder to varying degrees, 
depending on the mode. After you finish recording, you can check your recordings by switching the camcorder 
to playback mode.

Switching Between Movies and Photos

To shoot video clips, set the movie/photo switch to 

v; to 

shoot photos, set it to 


Setting the Shooting Mode

You can select a shooting mode to match your shooting style. 

While pressing down the shooting mode dial button, turn the 
shooting mode dial to the desired mode.

• For details on the various shooting modes, refer to 




A 55).

Switching Between Recording and Playback

With a single press of a button, the camcorder can easily switch 
between recording mode and playback mode. For details on playing 
back your recordings, refer to 



A 108).

Hold the ^ button pressed down.

Operating modes:

Operating modes:

Operating modes: