Preparing the Camcorder

Preparing the Camcorder



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Preparing the Camcorder

This section outlines the basic preparations of the camcorder, such as attaching the viewfinder unit and supplied 
MA-400 Microphone Adapter, and adjusting the screen and grip.

Attaching the Lens Hood

Attach the lens hood to protect the lens and reduce the amount of stray light that may hit the lens.

Place the lens hood on the front of the lens so that the 
hood’s lens mount index covers the index on the lens 




and turn it 90 degrees clockwise until it clicks 




• Be careful not to deform the lens hood.

• Make sure that the lens hood is aligned with the thread.

Using the Viewfinder Unit

Attaching the Viewfinder Unit

1 Open the viewfinder unit latch and remove the 

viewfinder unit cover.

2 Turn the LCD panel upward.

3 Hook the protrusion on the right side of the viewfinder 

unit into the groove under the right side of the LCD 
panel. Then, lower the viewfinder unit.