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Media Server



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Media Server

Using the media server function, you can wirelessly view your photos from a connected network device. You will 
need an access point connected to your network and the software installed on your computer that can play 
photos on the media server.

1 Camcorder: Open the [

}] index screen (A 108). 

2 Camcorder: Press the MENU button.

3 Camcorder: Open the [— Media Server] screen.

  [— Wi-Fi Setup] 

> [1] > [Media Server]

• If the camcorder has an access point connection saved, [Connected] 

appears on the screen and the connection is automatically 

• If the camcorder does not have an access point connection saved, you will be prompted to do so. Perform 

the procedure in 

Wireless Connections Using Wi-Fi


A 125).

• Touch [View Information] to see the access point’s SSID (network name), connection protocol, camcorder’s 

IP address and camcorder’s MAC address. 

• From the information screen above, touch [Change Connection Point] to connect to a different access point. 

4 Computer: Start the media playback software and select [Canon XC15] from the list of servers.

5 Computer: Select the desired recording to play back from the displayed folder.

6 Camcorder: To end the media server function, touch [End] and then touch [OK].

Operating modes:

[— Wi-Fi Setup]


[Media Server]