Viewing and Changing Wi Fi Settings


Viewing and Changing Wi-Fi Settings


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Viewing and Changing Wi-Fi Settings

You can view and change Wi-Fi connection settings saved in the camcorder. Because the settings must be 
changed manually, adequate knowledge about configuring and using Wi-Fi networks is required. If Browser 
Remote has been activated, deactivate it before performing the following settings (

A 131).

To enter text for the various settings, use the virtual keyboard (

A 127).

Viewing the smartphone’s connection settings

1 Press the MENU button.

2 Open  the  [— Smartphone Connection] screen.

[— Wi-Fi Setup] 

> [1] > [Smartphone Connection]

• The camcorder’s SSID (network name), password and operating 

frequency will appear.

To change the SSID and password

3 Touch [

] next to [Camcorder’s Password] and then touch [OK].

• The camcorder will randomly choose a new SSID and password.

4 Touch [OK] and then touch [


To change the operating frequency

3 Touch  [

]  next to [Frequency].

4 Select [2.4 GHz] or [5 GHz].

5 Touch  [

K] twice and then touch [X].

Viewing the access point’s connection settings

1 Press the MENU button.

2 Open  the  [— Access Point Connection] screen.

[— Wi-Fi Setup] 

> [1] > [Access Point Connection]

• The SSID (network name) of access points saved in the camcorder’s 

memory will appear.

• To add an access point, touch [Not configured] and then perform the 

procedure in 

Wireless Connections Using Wi-Fi 


A 125). After doing 

so, the [— Wi-Fi Setup] menu will appear.

3 Touch the SSID of the access point whose settings you want to view or change.

• The access point’s settings will appear. You cannot change the MAC address.

• Touch  [

Í] and [Î] to view more information.

• To delete the settings, touch [Edit] 

> [Delete] > [Yes].

• To change the settings, touch [Edit] 

> [Manual Setup] and then perform the procedure in 

Manual Setup



A 128).

4 Touch  [

K] twice and then touch [X].

Operating modes:

[— Wi-Fi Setup]


[Smartphone Connection]

[— Wi-Fi Setup]


[Access Point Connection]