Magnifying Photos during Playback




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Magnifying Photos during Playback

You can magnify photos when you play them back.

1 Play back the photo you want to magnify (

A 108).

2 Touch the screen to display the playback controls.

3 Touch [


• The center of the photo is magnified approximately 2 times. Touch [

] to magnify the image further. Touch 


] to reduce the magnification. 

• Alternatively, you can pinch your fingers out on the screen to magnify a photo.

• Drag your finger along the magnified area to check other parts of the photo. The white rectangle within the 

frame represents the approximate location of the portion of the photo that is shown magnified.

4 Touch [

K] to turn off magnification.

• You can also turn off magnification by touching [

] repeatedly.

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