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Recording GPS Information (Geotagging)


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Displaying GPS Information

You can display GPS information for clips and photos. 

1 Press the MENU button.

2 Open the [GPS Information Display] screen.


System  Setup] 

> [4] (in 

 mode) or [3] (in 


[GPS Information Display]

3 Touch  [


• The GPS information will be displayed.


• In certain countries/regions, the use of GPS may be restricted. Be sure to use the GPS receiver in accordance 

with local laws and regulations of the country/region where the receiver is used. Be particularly careful when 
traveling outside of your home country.

• Be careful about using the GPS receiver in places where the use of electronic devices is restricted.

• The GPS information recorded with clips and photos may contain data that can lead others to locate or 

identify you. Be careful when sharing geotagged recordings with others or when uploading them to the Web.

• Do not leave the GPS receiver near strong electromagnetic fields such as near powerful magnets and motors.


• GPS signal reception may take some time after replacing the battery pack or when first turning on the 

camcorder after a long period without use.

• The camcorder is not compatible with the GPS receiver’s digital compass and positioning interval functions. 

Also, the [Set now] option is not available for the [

System Setup] 

> [4] (in 

 mode) or [3] (in 


> [GPS Auto Time Setting] setting.

• GPS information will not be recorded with photos captured from a clip.

Operating modes:


System Setup]

[4] (in 

 mode) or 

[3] (in 


[GPS Information Display]

Adjusting the Date/Time Automatically According to GPS Position

Setting [

System Setup] 

> [4] (in 

 mode) or [3] (in 


> [GPS Auto Time Setting] to [k Auto 

Update], you can have the camcorder automatically adjust its date and time settings according to the 
information received from the GPS signal while an optional GP-E2 GPS Receiver is connected to the 

• When [

System Setup] 

> [4] (in 

 mode) or [3] (in 


> [GPS Auto Time Setting] is set to 


k Auto Update], settings in the [ System Setup] > [1] > [Date/Time] submenu will not be available.

• While the Browser Remote application is in use, the automatic adjustment of the date/time will be