Canon VIXIA HF R70, VIXIA HF R700, VIXIA HF R72 Instruction Manual

Inserting and Removing a Memory Card


Using a Memory Card






DXC Cards

You can use SDXC cards with this camcorder. When using SDXC cards 
with other devices, such as digital recorders, computers and card read-
ers, make sure that the external device is compatible with SDXC 
cards. For more information on compatibility, contact the computer, 
operating system or memory card manufacturer.

Inserting and Removing a Memory Card

When you turn on the camcorder for the first time, the first screen of the 
basic setup will appear. To use a memory card for recording, turn off the 
camcorder and insert the memory card before performing the basic 

etup. After completing the basic setup (A 33), be sure to initialize 

the memory card with the camcorder before using it for the first 
time (A 38).


bout the Speed Class:

 Speed Class is a standard that indi-

cates the minimum guaranteed data transfer speed of mem-
ory cards. When you buy a new memory card, look for the 

peed Class logo on the package.

• If  you  use an SDXC card with a computer OS that is not 


DXC-compatible, you may be prompted to format the mem-

ory card. In such case, cancel the operation to prevent 
data loss.