Memory Card


Do’s and Don’ts





Remaining battery time

When you are using a battery pack that is compatible with Intelligent 

ystem, if the remaining battery time displayed is not correct, charge 

the battery pack fully. Still, the correct time may not be displayed after a 
large number of repeated uses, if a fully charged battery pack is left 
unused, or if a battery pack is used for long periods of time in high tem-
peratures. Use the time shown on the screen as an approximation.

Memory Card

• We recommend backing up the recordings on the memory card onto 

your computer. Data may be corrupted or lost due to memory card 
defects or exposure to static electricity. Canon shall not be liable for 
lost or corrupted data.

• Do not touch or expose the terminals to dust or dirt.
• Do not use memory cards in places subject to strong magnetic fields.
• Do not leave memory cards in places subject to high humidity and 

high temperature.

• Do  not  disassemble, bend, drop, or subject memory cards to shocks 

and do not expose them to water.

• Check the direction before inserting the memory card. Forcing a 

memory card into the slot if it is not correctly oriented may damage 
the memory card or the camcorder.

• Do not attach any labels or stickers on the memory card.