Saving Images to a Connected Computer


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For information on WPS compatibility and for instructions on 
checking settings, refer to the access point user manual.


A router is a device that creates a network (LAN) structure for 
connecting multiple computers. A router that contains an internal 
Wi-Fi function is called a “Wi-Fi router”.


This guide refers to all Wi-Fi routers and base stations as “access 


If you use MAC address iltering on your Wi-Fi network, be sure 
to add the camera’s MAC address to your access point. You can 
check your camera’s MAC address by choosing MENU (= 27) 
> [

] tab > [Wi-Fi Settings] > [Check MAC Address].

Using WPS-Compatible Access Points

WPS makes it easy to complete settings when connecting devices over 

Wi-Fi. You can use either Push Button Coniguration Method or PIN 
Method for settings on a WPS supported device.

Conirm that the computer is 
connected to an access point.


For instructions on checking the 
connection, refer to the device and 
access point user manuals.

Access the Wi-Fi menu.


Press the [

] button to turn the camera 



Press the [

] button.

Saving Images to a Connected Computer

Connect to your access point via Wi-Fi as follows.
Also refer to the access point user manual.

Conirming Access Point Compatibility

Conirm that the Wi-Fi router or base station conforms to the Wi-Fi 
standards (“Wi-Fi” (= 156)).
Connection methods vary depending on whether the access point 
supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS, = 99) or not (= 101). For 
non-WPS access points, check the following information.


Network name (SSID/ESSID) 
The SSID or ESSID for the access point you use. Also called the 
“access point name” or “network name”.


Network authentication / data encryption (encryption method / 
encryption mode) 
The method for encrypting data during wireless transmission. Check 
which security setting is used: WPA2-PSK (AES), WPA2-PSK 
(TKIP), WPA-PSK (AES), WPA-PSK (TKIP), WEP (open system 
authentication), or no security.


Password (encryption key / network key) 
The key used when encrypting data during wireless transmission. Also 
called the “encryption key” or “network key”.


Key index (transmit key) 
The key set when WEP is used for network authentication / data 
encryption. Use “1” as the setting.


If system administrator status is needed to adjust network 
settings, contact the system administrator for details.


These settings are very important for network security. Exercise 
adequate caution when changing these settings.