Coniguring the Computer for a Wi Fi Connection Windows Only


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Conigure the setting.


Click in the following order: [Start] menu 
> [All Programs] > [Canon Utilities] > 
[CameraWindow] > [Wi-Fi connection 


In the application that opens, follow the 

on-screen instructions and conigure the 


The following Windows settings are conigured when you run the 
utility in step 2.



Turn on media streaming. 
This will enable the camera to see (ind) the computer to access 
via Wi-Fi.



Turn on network discovery. 
This will enable the computer to see (ind) the camera.



Turn on ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol). 
This allows you to check the network connection status.



Enable Universal Plug & Play (UPnP). 
This will enable network devices to detect each other 


Some security software may prevent you from completing the 
settings as described here. Check the settings of your security 

Install the iles.


Click [Easy Installation] and follow the 
on-screen instructions to complete the 
installation process.


Installation may take some time, 
depending on computer performance and 
the Internet connection.


Click [Finish] or [Restart] on the screen 
after installation.


Internet access is required, and any ISP account charges and 
access fees must be paid separately.


Follow the steps below to uninstall (delete) the software.



In Windows, click in the following order: [Start] menu > [All 
Programs] > [Canon Utilities], and then choose the software you 
want to uninstall.



In Mac OS, click on [Applications] folder, choose the [Canon 
Utilities] folder, and then drag the folder of the software you 
want to uninstall to the trash.

Coniguring the Computer for a Wi-Fi Connection 
(Windows Only)

On a computer running Windows, conigure the following settings before 
connecting the camera to the computer wirelessly.

Conirm that the computer is 
connected to an access point.


For instructions on checking your network 
connection, refer to the computer user