Saving Images to a Computer


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Saving Images to a Computer

Preparing to Register a Computer

Checking Your Computer Environment

The camera can connect via Wi-Fi to computers running the following 

operating systems. For detailed system requirements and compatibility 
information, including support in new operating systems, visit the Canon 


Windows 8/8.1


Windows 7 SP1


Mac OS X 10.9


Mac OS X 10.8.2 or later


Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic editions are not supported.


Windows 7 N (European version) and KN (South Korean version) 
require a separate download and installation of Windows Media 
Feature Pack.  
For details, check the following website.

Installing the Software

Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.8 are used here for the sake of illustration.

Download the software.


With a computer connected to the 
Internet, access


Access the site for your country or region.


Download the software.

Connect to the access point and 
choose the smartphone.


For WPS-compatible access points, 
connect to the access point and choose 
the smartphone as described in steps 
5 – 8 in “Using WPS-Compatible Access 
Points” (= 99).


For non-WPS access points, follow steps 
2 – 4 in “Connecting to Listed Access 
Points” (= 101) to connect to the 
access point and choose the smartphone.

Conigure the privacy settings and 
send images.


Follow steps 5 – 6 in “Adding a 
Smartphone Using the Wi-Fi Menu” 

94) to conigure the privacy 

settings and send images.

Previous Access Points

To reconnect to a previous access point automatically, follow step 3 in 
“Sending to a Smartphone Assigned to the Button” (= 93) or step 4 in 
“Adding a Smartphone Using the Wi-Fi Menu” (= 94).


To use the camera as an access point, choose [Switch Network] on the 
screen displayed when you establish a connection, and then choose 
[Camera Access Point Mode].


To reconnect to a previous access point, follow the procedure from 
step 5 in “Using Another Access Point” (= 96).


To switch access points, choose [Switch Network] on the screen 
displayed when you establish a connection, and then follow the 
procedure in “Using Another Access Point” (= 96) from step 4.