Sending to a Smartphone Assigned to the Button


Before Use

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Advanced Guide

Wi-Fi Functions

Camera Basics

Auto Mode / Hybrid Auto 

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Setting Menu




Choose [ ].


Press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose [ ], 
and then press the [

] button.


The camera’s SSID is displayed.

Connect the smartphone to the 


In the smartphone’s Wi-Fi setting menu, 
choose the SSID (network name) 
displayed on the camera to establish a 

Start Camera Connect.


Start Camera Connect on the 


After the camera recognizes the 
smartphone, a device selection screen is 

Sending to a Smartphone Assigned to the Button

Once you have connected to a smartphone initially by pressing the [ ] 
button, you can simply press the [ ] button after that to connect again for 
viewing and saving camera images on your connected device.
These steps show how to use the camera as an access point, but you can 
also use an existing access point (= 96).

Install Camera Connect.


For an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, ind 
Camera Connect in the App Store and 
download and install the app.


For Android smartphones, ind Camera 
Connect in Google Play and download 
and install the app.

Press the [ ] button.


Press the [ ] button.


After [Device Nickname] is displayed, 
press the [


] buttons to choose [OK], 

and then press the [

] button.