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Connecting via NFC When Camera Is in Playback 


Press the [

] button to turn the camera 



Touch the N-Mark (

) on the smartphone 

with Camera Connect installed (= 90) 

against the camera’s N-Mark.


Press the [


][ ][ ] buttons to choose 

an image to send, and then press the [

button. [

] is displayed.


To cancel selection, press the [

] button 

again. [

] is no longer displayed.


Repeat this process to choose additional 


After you inish choosing images, press 
the [

] button.


Press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose 
[Send], and then press the [

] button.


The image is sent. The connection is 
ended automatically after the image is 


If during connection a message on the camera requests you to 
enter the nickname, follow step 2 in “Sending Images to an NFC-
Compatible Smartphone” (= 90) to enter it.


The camera does not keep a record of smartphones you connect 
to via NFC in Playback mode.


You can preset images to transfer at your desired size (= 109).


When using NFC, keep the following points in mind.



Avoid strong impact between the camera and smartphone. This 
may damage the devices.



Depending on the smartphone, the devices may not recognize 
each other immediately. In this case, try holding the devices 
together in slightly different positions. If connection is not 
established, keep the devices together until the camera screen 
is updated.



If you try to connect while the camera is turned off, a message 
may be displayed on the smartphone screen asking for the 
camera to be turned on. Turn the camera on again, and then 
touch the devices together again.



Do not place other objects between the camera and 
smartphone. Also, note that camera or smartphone covers or 
similar accessories may block communication.


All images in the camera can be viewed from the connected 
smartphone when you choose [Yes] in step 3. To keep camera 
images private, so that they cannot be viewed from the 
smartphone, choose [No] in step 3.


Once you have registered a smartphone, you can change privacy 
settings for it on the camera (= 116).


Connections require that a memory card be in the camera.


You can change the camera nickname displayed on the screen in 
step 2 (= 91).


Not all NFC-compatible smartphones have an N-Mark (

). For 

details, refer to the smartphone user manual.


You can also send multiple images at once and change the image 
size before sending (= 109).


You can send the current image by choosing [Send this image] on 
the screen in step 4.


To disable NFC connections, choose MENU (= 27) > [

] tab 

> [Wi-Fi Settings] > [NFC] > [Off].