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Sending Images to an NFC-Compatible 

Using an NFC-compatible Android smartphone (OS version 4.0 or later) 

simpliies the process of installing Camera Connect and connecting the 
devices via NFC.
Operation once the devices are connected via NFC varies depending on 
the camera mode when the devices are touched together.


If the camera is off or in Shooting mode when the devices are touched 
together, you can choose and send images on the image selection 
screen. Once the devices are connected, you can also shoot remotely 
and geotag your shots (= 

114). It’s easy to reconnect to recent 

devices, which are listed in the Wi-Fi menu.


If the camera is in playback mode when the devices are touched 
together a screen showing a list of images to be sent is displayed, so 
you can choose and send images.

Follow the instructions in the following section for NFC-initiated connection 
to a camera that is off or in Shooting mode.

Connecting via NFC When Camera Is Off or in 
Shooting Mode

Install Camera Connect.


Activate NFC on the smartphone and 
touch the devices N-Mark (

) together 

to start Google Play on the smartphone 
automatically. Once the Camera Connect 
download page is displayed, download 
and install the app.

Sending Images to a Smartphone

There are several ways to connect the camera to a smartphone and send 


Connect via NFC (= 90) 
Simply touch an NFC-compatible Android smartphone (OS version 4.0 
or later) against the camera to connect the devices.


Connect to a device assigned to the [ ] button (= 93) 
Simply press the [

] button to connect the devices. This simpliies 

sending images to a smartphone (= 93). Note that only one 
smartphone can be assigned to the [ ] button.


Connect via the Wi-Fi menu (= 94) 
You can connect the camera to a smartphone as you would connect it 
to a computer or other device. Multiple smartphones can be added.

Before connecting to the camera, you must install the free dedicated 
Camera Connect app on the smartphone. For details on this application 
(supported smartphones and included functions), refer to the Canon 


If you have a Wi-Fi compatible Canon camera, and connect 
the camera and a smartphone over a Wi-Fi connection, we 
recommend changing your smartphone application from 
CameraWindow to Camera Connect.